Jake Mosca, a New Jersey native, has been immersed in his musical pursuit from the age of 15. Jake has been performing in front of live audiences for more than ten years and has flourished into a true performer. Jake was featured on American Idol in 2022 and is now the front man for The Travelers. This band brings all of Jake’s musical influences together during his performances.

Growing up listening to guitar greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Albert King and many more, the influences are prevalent when hearing Jake's performances. However, the biggest influence of all would be his father, Jim Mosca, a Berklee College of Music alumni who imparted all of his knowledge unto his son. Now playing together on stage, both father and son have played up and down the east coast as well as overseas.

Based in the blues, Jake is now chasing his honky tonk dreams and exploring country music with a classic Nashville sound. While covering songs by artists such as Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings, Jake is now beginning to create his own original music, blending all of his prior musical influences together for something new and original.